Autentike provides consulting and advisory services based on the expertise of its Founder and Managing Director, Hugo Faria. Autentike combines more than thirty years of experience across higher-education and financial markets. Autentike integrates passion for delivering higher-education access, persistence, success, and career readiness for under-represented students with proven risk management experience to help its clients efficiently execute their projects.

Autentike was founded to deliver financial risk assessment with a single point of access to dozens of experts across related exposure management fields. Hugo has built a flexible and responsive network of colleagues and contacts during decades of cross-market risk management roles. Since 2017 the evolution of an integrated education access-risk management approach has brought a fresh perspective and increased impact to Autentike’s consulting work.

Hugo is personally involved in every client project. He also directly selects and supervises any additional resources required to target skills and knowledge assigned to each client engagement.


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